3 Steps to Guaranteed Health After the Quarantine

Being stuck in the house can have a few advantages, if you’d only do what’s necessary to give yourself the self-care that you need. You have all of the essential items in your home, you have the time, and now all you need is the willingness to get up and do something that will improve your looks.

You don’t need to purchase anything, and you don’t have to go through a rigorous regiment in order to look your best. Here, you will learn just how easy it is to come out of this pandemic looking and feeling better than ever! Let’s begin by sharing only 3 steps to improving your health and your looks from the comfort of your home.

  1. Get younger looking skin in only 15 minutes per day. You don’t have to spend hours at the spa to give yourself a much needed spa treatment! You can have beautiful skin that glows by simply boiling a pot of water and then placing your face over the water with a towel to keep the steam focused on one area. The steam from the hot boiling water will open those pores, clean them out, and then tighten your skin. Think about the times that you have gone to get a facial. The first thing done is to open your pores so that all of the dirt and oil can be more easily removed. Well, now you can do this on your own because you have all of the essential items needed. You have water, a stove, and a pot…what more could you ask for? After you give your face a really good 15-minute steam, wash your face with your normal facial cleanser and then rub your face with a moisturizer to keep the elasticity. If you do this every night you will not only look much younger with more vibrant skin, but you will also improve your overall health. Did you know that breathing in steam can kill the coronavirus? According to medical journals, the virus cannot survive in heat, and it can be eliminated when someone breathes heat into their lungs. So there you have it…look good, feel good…be
  1. Gain much needed energy with a glass of water. We can all use more energy these days. You might think that sitting at home gives you energy because you aren’t doing much, but this is totally incorrect. Your blood still needs to flow freely to provide your essential organs with the oxygen they need to remain effective. How can this be done while at home? Without a doubt, exercise is a great way to ensure consistent blood flow. However, did you know that drinking water also assists with the flow of blood throughout your body? Drinking water not only gives you energy, but it also aids in the improvement of your skin and overall health. When you drink half a gallon of water per day, you will see an improvement in your skin because the water aids in supporting skin cell growth. Additionally, water flushes your system and gives you the energy you need to remain stimulated, alert, and happy. Finally, when you drink more water, your overall health improves because you are flushing your body of toxins that harm your hormones. If your hormones are depleted, your overall health will become affected. So, go ahead and drink that water! You’ll be glad you did.
  1. Take away stress and improve your overall health when you breathe. It might sound silly when you hear someone tell you to breathe, however you’d be surprised to learn that your breathing just isn’t done enough. We all breathe throughout the day in order to survive. However, how many of us take the time to do any deep meditative breathing exercises where we actually use our breath to center ourselves? When you sit in a quiet place, simply take in a few deep breaths while focusing on your body. How does your body feel when you breathe deeply? How does your breath change when you breathe deeply? These are the things to focus on when you practice deep meditative breathing. Also, while you breathe, think of bright light and then visualize that light flowing throughout your body. This is something that will assist in calming your nerves, bringing you peace, and taking away the anxiety that the current pandemic is causing in us all.

You have the ability to come out of this quarantine a better person than you were when it all began. Take the time to focus on yourself by completing these few simple suggestions and see just how great you both look and feel in only a few days. This is the time to give yourself the attention that you need. Use it wisely and come out a winner.


By Audra L.

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