The Best Facial on Earth

Ladies, what if I told you that the world’s most powerful facial costs less than $1.00? And it’s 100% natural. 


I’m talking about Aztec Indian healing clay, which has been used for centuries to beautify and refresh the skin. Spectrographic analysis suggests Aztec healing clay contains nearly every mineral found on Earth.


Aztec Indian healing clay is an unusual material that formed from the volcanic ash resulting from the Earth’s creation. The clay is found in Death Valley, CA, where it bakes in blistering temperatures of up to 134 degrees. 


Thanks to its unique molecular makeup, Aztec Indian healing clay carries a negative electron charge that is able to pull toxins and oils - which carry a positive charge - out of the skin. The minerals in the clay also nourish the skin and promote healing. 


Aztec Indian healing clay is sold in powder form and costs between $5 and $12 per pound. One pound makes between 10 and 15 masks. 


How to use Aztec Indian healing clay:


Mix the powdered clay with equal parts water to create a smooth paste. Stir the mixture with plastic or glass only (do not use metal). Apply a thick layer (roughly 1/4 inch) to the face, avoiding the lips and eyes. Allow the mask to dry until cracks appear (you will feeling a tightening sensation).


Remove the mask with warm water. Redness is normal and should dissipate in one hour. 



• Individuals with dry or sensitive skin should leave the mask on no longer than 5 minutes (other skin types can leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes). 

• Facial masks work best directly after a shower when your pores have been opened by warm water. 

• Aztec Indian healing clay can be used on any part of the body to remove acne or purify the skin.


If you’ve tried an Aztec Indian healing mask and love it, I recommend adding apple cider vinegar, green tea, honey, essential oils, and/or vitamins to your mask. Let us know your best facial mask recipe in the comments section below!


By April Kuhlman

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