Did You Know: CBD has Anti-Aging Benefits

CBD  Anti-Aging Benefits

I’ve been writing about cannabidiol (CBD) a LOT lately - and while I hesitate to use the word panacea - it seems this stuff can do just about anything.

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It’s been less than two years since the United States legalized CBD, and it already seems to be available in every store, cafe, and doctor’s office.

Today I want to discuss CBD and its benefits for the skin.

Let’s start with how CBD is added to skincare products. CBD is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant and then mixed with an oil that is safe for topical application and ingestion (such as olive oil or coconut oil).

This gives you the “CBD oil” that is advertised as an ingredient in products and foods. CBD oil is not the same thing as hempseed oil, which is another ingredient in skincare products. While the two are sometimes advertised interchangeably, hemp seed oil contains very little (if any) cannabidiol.

The FDA requires all products that contain CBD to list “cannabidiol” on the label. Be wary of products that use terms like “CBD-enriched hemp seed oil,” which may not contain any cannabidiol.

CBD for Acne

As I wrote in my article about CBD and arthritis, CBD has been shown to decrease inflammation. Since acne is an inflammatory condition, it’s not surprising that CBD has a positive effect on acne and other skin irritations.

Studies suggest CBD oil has a calming effect on the skin, reducing breakouts and redness caused by acne. While more research is needed, early studies suggest CBD could help balance sebum (oil) production - leading to reduced acne.

CBD for Anti-Aging

In addition to the benefits outlined above, CBD also has antioxidant properties. Some studies suggest CBD is a more powerful antioxidant than vitamins C and E!!

“Antioxidants” are substances believed to help protect your cells against free radicals (unstable molecules that contribute to wrinkles). As an antioxidant, CBD oil helps counteract free-radical damage and inflammation, which reduces visible signs of aging.

CBD also fights wrinkles by regulating oil production. Wrinkles are formed in part as a result of a natural decrease in oil production.

CBD’s effects on oil production also make it helpful for managing dry skin, sensitive skin, and conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

The Bottom Line

CBD oil can help delay wrinkle formation and diminish existing signs of aging while improving skin texture and tone. CBD is appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

When using CBD for anti-aging, it is best to consume CBD orally or use a high dosage cream applied directly to the problem area. Avoid smoking CBD, as smoke exacerbates external signs of aging.

It seems there are new studies released about CBD every week! I look forward to sharing more news about the potential health benefits and medical applications of this exciting, all-natural ingredient!


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