Israel Begins Experimental COVID-19 Treatment

Cannabinol (CBD), has been indicated as an effective treatment for many diseases ranging from arthritis to heart disease.

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Is it possible that CBD can be used to treat or lessen your risk of contracting COVID-19? Researchers in Israel seem to think so, and they have started a clinical trial to prove it!

Though lung experts have warned that smoking marijuana could exacerbate COVID-19 and its spread, this group of Israeli scientists will study CBD alongside existing treatment options as a possible weapon in the limited arsenal against the coronavirus.

The trials are being conducted by InnoCan Pharma in collaboration with Tel Aviv University. The researchers intend to use a unique delivery method of CBD into patients known to have COVID-19. They are going to introduce CBD via exosomes, which are  the small cell structures created when stem cells multiply. The unconventional method will utilize the exosomes as “homing missiles,” as they can uniquely target the cells of organs damaged by COVID-19. The researchers believe that CBD’s known anti-inflammatory properties can repair the damaged cells, particularly the cells of lung tissues.

As COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system, scientists will have patients receive CBD-enriched exosomes through an inhalation device. Previous studies have shown CBD can help regulate the body’s immune system and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Israeli health officials say that in the months ahead, additional clinical trials will occur, including one involving Covid-19 patients currently undergoing treatment in Israel’s Rabin Medical Center. Doctors there plan to combine traditional steroids and CBD, with the belief that CBD will enhance the therapeutic value of the steroids. The trial, conducted by Stero Biotechs in collaboration with Mor Research Application, already has plans to expand the experimental treatment to additional patients at other hospitals,  should it prove successful.




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