Live to 100 Like a Prince

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Queen Elizabeth II’s husband) celebrated his 99th birthday this week under a COVID-19 lockdown.

Image of British Royal with Nusapia CBD Tincture logo aside

He is otherwise fit and healthy, quite an accomplishment for his age.

Speaking about the Duke’s unusual longevity, former Buckingham Palace doctor Anna Hemming credited his balanced diet and his love of sports:

“Sport has its benefits in keeping both your body and mind active. When the time comes to retire from sport, the interest in sporting activities helps to stimulate your mind,” says Hemming, adding that active people tend to have more interests and thus more engagement with others.

“Over time, this is incredibly important as an active mind has the benefit of stimulation. Stimulation helps you keep focused and up to date with the current affairs.”

Prince Philip and his wife are both known for maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Philip is what you might call a “foodie” and often cooks his own meals (rare for a royal). Some of his favorites are scrambled eggs, smoked haddock, and omelettes with bacon.

“Like all other people who lead a fit and healthy life and enjoy a balanced intake of healthy food, they are more likely to enjoy a more healthy quality of life in their later years,” says Hemming.

You can learn more about Philip’s diet in Dinner at Buckingham Palace, a collection of recipes based on the diaries and personal recollections of royal servant Charles Oliver.

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