The Zinc Craze

The Benefits of Zinc Acetate


Have you ever heard of Zinc Acetate Lozenges before? If not, then don’t feel bad. It’s not exactly mainstream, although it probably SHOULD be based on its health benefits.


Zinc is a naturally occurring mineral and is critical for growth, development, and health of body tissues like your organs.


Zinc acetate is also used to naturally treat and prevent zinc deficiencies like delayed wound healing and susceptibility to infection, growth retardation, fatigue, decreased alertness, a decrease in taste and odor sensitivity, poor appetite and delayed sexual maturity (although no amount of zinc could help with the latter among many men I know).


Aside from sidestepping these health issues by eating a diet rich in zinc, zinc acetate has also been shown to help prevent or downplay viruses.


According to a meta-analysis published in BMC Family Practice, high dose zinc acetate lozenges shorten the duration of common-colds associated nasal discharge by 34%, nasal congestion by 37%, scratchy throat by 33%, and cough by 46%. Essentially, it can help stave off the common illness.


A previous meta-analysis of three randomized trials found that high dose zinc acetate lozenges shorten the duration of colds by 42%. Since all of the three studies reported the duration of diverse respiratory symptoms and systemic symptoms such as muscle ache and headache, researchers Harri Hemilä from Helsinki, Finland and Elizabeth Chalker from Sydney, Australia decided to investigate whether there are differences in the effect of zinc lozenges on different types of colds.


When zinc acetate lozenges dissolve in the mouth, zinc ions are released into the saliva of the pharyngeal region where the levels are high. As such, the effects of zinc lozenges might be greatest on symptoms of the pharyngeal region such as sore throat, but less on nasal symptoms.


According to the calculations by Hemilä and Chalker, high dose zinc acetate lozenges shortened the duration of nasal discharge by 34%, nasal congestion by 37%, sneezing by 22%, scratchy throat by 33%, sore throat by 18%, hoarseness by 43%, and cough by 46%. Furthermore, they found strong evidence that zinc lozenges also shortened the duration of muscle pain associated with fever by 54%.


Don’t overdo it on the zinc supplements because too much of ANYTHING is not good for you. But if you feel a cold coming on or are in the midst of one, ingesting zinc acetate could shorten the illnesses’ lifespan and get you feeling back to normal again, sooner than usual.


Also, please keep in mind that zinc is not a cure for any disease including COVID-19 and you really should see a doctor if you are having high fevers or other worsening conditions.

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