US Military Wages War on Diet

For the next five years, health tech company Metabolon will be analyzing human biological samples taken from military personnel.

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The project is being funded by USARIEM, the Pentagon’s top lab for soldier health and performance research, and seeks to determine the effects of diet on soldiers’ health and combat readiness.

Metabolon is the leading company in the field of metabolomics, the study of the small molecules (metabolites) produced by metabolism.

Metabolomics helps improve scientists’ understanding of how genes, diet, lifestyle, microbiome, and drugs affect health and the progression of disease

Metabolon’s work in this field has been documented in more than 2,000 studies and has unlocked actionable knowledge related to diseases including cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, autism, sickle cell anemia, and high blood pressure.

For its Army project, Metabolon will analyze more than 14,000 samples of urine, saliva, tissue, and feces to provide insights on health and wellness that may be used to develop new rations, menus, and policies for the military.

“We are proud to collaborate with USARIEM on this important research program that will help to ensure US soldiers are in optimal physiological shape when they are called into military operations,” says Greg Michelotti, Ph.D., lead scientific director at Metabolon.

“Metabolomics provides a deep understanding of health and disease influenced by genes, environment, diet, and the gut microbiome. This research program will enable the Army to specify which diets are optimal for peak performance and monitor soldier’s performance and response to stress during specific training programs.”

Metabolon’s other contracts with the US military include the Million Veteran Program, which seeks to understand how lifestyle, genes, and military experiences affect health, disease progression, and wellbeing and a partnership with the US Army Center for Environmental Health Research that utilizes metabolomics to better understand PTSD.


Author’s Note: This is a progressive and intelligent move by US military that will ensure our soldiers are getting the proper nutrition.

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