Healthy Adults Should Care about Coronavirus

Why Healthy Adults Should Care about The Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus is spreading around the world and now in the United States, people are being divided into two camps: people who are running out to buy all the Lysol Wipes, Tylenol, and Chicken Soup available and those who are brushing off  the Coronavirus as nothing more than a flu. For many people, the Coronavirus would be nothing more than a bad flu; but for many others, including people you probably know, the Coronavirus can have life-threatening consequences.

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The Coronavirus has a fatality rate ranging from 1-2%, compared to the common flu which has a fatality rate of .1%. Even by conservative estimates the Coronavirus is 10 times as deadly as the common flu. The majority of those who are hospitalized and die from the virus are those who have a pre-existing condition, are elderly, or are children.

So why would the Coronavirus matter for you, as a young healthy person?

Because you probably know at least one person who is in that high-risk group and may be a part of it and not realize it. It is also impossible to tell if someone has a pre-existing condition like Asthma, heart problems, or a compromised immune system. People who are non-symptomatic or have mild symptoms can spread the Coronavirus easily through simple everyday encounters like shaking hands, kissing cheeks, or even being in close proximity to another person.

As a healthy young person, you probably won’t face any of the life-threatening consequences of the Coronavirus, but you are key in helping to prevent the spread of the virus to those who are at risk.

What should you do to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus? It’s simple. Wash your hands, avoid kissing or shaking hands with people. If you feel even a little bit sick you should stay home and see a health care provider as soon as possible. It is also important to routinely disinfect high-touch surfaces with Lysol or other disinfecting products. High-touch surfaces are computers, door knobs, counters, and tables - things people use every day.

Even if you don’t fall into a high-risk group, the Coronavirus still affects you. By practicing simple hygiene and making small changes in your day to day interactions you can help prevent those who are around you and your family from contracting this illness. No one wants to spread the virus to their niece, grandpa, or their asthmatic friend who can become gravely ill. By making these small lifestyle changes, you can help keep those people safe.


By Kelsey Danielle

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