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You have probably heard all about how Keto diets help Americans with weight management, improved diabetes control, lower blood pressure and epileptic seizure reduction. There’s also promising research that suggests anti-aging benefits and a reduced risk of Alzheimer's. However, a keto diet can be a real challenge to maintain over the long-term. That can disrupt ketosis, which can take time to restore. Targeted supplements, like Keto BHB, can play a valuable role in helping to maintain ketosis.

Ketosis Fundamentals

The principle is simple. By greatly reducing the intake of carbohydrates, which convert to glucose, you can push your body into burning fat for energy. That’s because the reduction of carbohydrates translates into a reduction of the sugars your body burns for fuel. Excess is stored as fat. However, if you are continuously replenishing glucose levels with a carb and calorie heavy diet, there’s no need for the body to turn to its fat stores for energy.

In practice, however, the process isn’t quite so simple to achieve. Using a keto diet alone to achieve ketosis means making sharp changes to the daily diet. Instead of having the bulk of daily calories come from carbohydrates as has become the norm, fat and, to a lesser degree, protein take center stage. To get the metabolic state of ketosis in motion, carbohydrate consumption must fall below 50 grams daily. Some people need to get their carbs down closer to 20 grams per day.

Achieving ketosis can, for some people, take between two and four days of carb restriction. For others, it can take a week or longer. Age, activity level, individual metabolism and, of course, diet can impact the amount of time it takes. Carb restriction must continue to maintain the state of ketosis. Those falling off the low-carb wagon can face days of effort to restore their hard-won ketosis.

How Keto BHB Supplements Can Help

As you make the transition to ketosis, ketones production increases. That increase can be measured in your blood, urine and breath. Notably, BHB is the ketone that is found at the highest ratio of the three produced by the shift to burning fat instead of glucose. For those that are struggling to achieve ketosis, supplements can help to increase BHB levels. People also use supplements to mitigate the damage to the ketosis goal done by the occasional carb slip.

Naturally, supplements alone aren’t able to produce ketosis and its potential health benefits, not yet anyway. However, supplements can be an important part of helping people to meet and maintain their ketosis goals. Always discuss major changes in diet and physical activity level with your health care provider.

By Sharron Secor

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